Videos from geecon2018 for “Self-Awareness for Introverts” and “A Crash Course…”

Here are two videos of me talking at geecon 2018 in Krakow, PO this spring, and each video covers about 1/3 of what I talk about in the corresponding course in Rocket Realtime School course.

Self-Awareness for Introverts” – I keynoted this in front of 600 people, and this video covers about 1/3 of the RRS course “Team Dynamics; Self Awareness; Build Systems; Coding for {Progress, Speed, Maintenance}“.

A Crash Course in Modern Hardware” – Again, this video covers about 1/3 of the RRS course “High Performance from Understanding the Low¬†Levels“.¬† Also in this course I speed up by 5x a small and simple program (275 LOC) doing simple analytics on a 2Gig dataset, and demonstrate the techniques used to speed up a large complex concurrent app by more than 50x.



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