Thinking About Language Design

Thinking about language design – see for the start of an implementation. is real!  Please visit and sign up!

And survey results are in!  Due to overwhelmingly positive response, I am please to announce the Rocket Realtime School of Programming and Performance, with classes starting sometime this summer or fall.  I am frantically trying to get a website for the school together even as I type this.



One thought on “Thinking About Language Design

  1. Cliff,
    If you haven’t already read it, take a look at exception handling in Genus: “Accepting Blame for Safe Tunneled Exceptions” (available at

    The key insight is that whether an exception should be treated as a
    “checked” exception is not a property of its type but rather of the
    context in which the exception propagates. Statically checked
    exceptions can “tunnel” through code that is oblivious to their
    presence, but the type system nevertheless checks that these exceptions
    are handled. Further, exceptions can be tunneled without being
    accidentally caught, by expanding the space of exception identifiers
    to identify the exception-handling context.

    On paper at least, it seems to preserve the useful properties of statically checked exception handling while avoiding the common cruft of catch/wrap/rethrow, “throws Exception”, &c.

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