7 thoughts on “A War of Words: Self-Awareness for Introverts

  1. Hey Cliff. It’s good stuff! But I don’t think targeting it at introverts is quite correct. Being extroverted is no guarantor of being able to adequate represent one’s self. Regardless the ideas and advice are really interesting. I’ve been in some of these situations. I could still use some practice.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Cliff. I usually find it odd reading slides before I’ve seen the talk, but these hit me just at the right time. I agree with Larry above: I actually have a very effective “warrior” side, but something I’ve only come to realize lately is not only is that not the part of me that writes halfway-decent code—switching between the two is one of the greatest time and energy drains in my life.

    • Yeah, my switching costs are high also – generally 5-10mins coming out of the “Zone” and 30+ going back in. i.e., an interrupt-an-hour means no coding all day.


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