Modern Hardware Performance and Cache Lines

A weekly podcast with Cliff Click talking about all things to do with programming, programmers and computer performance.

This is a short talk on my experiences on the performance of modern computer hardware, and how and why cache-line misses are critical to performance.


2 thoughts on “Modern Hardware Performance and Cache Lines

  1. Hi. Love the weekly podcasts. Listen to them all. Some of them more then once :).

    I have a question does a tool exist that lets you monitor the cache miss rate in your application (I’m JAVA programmer). I’m just curious.

    • There are hardware performance monitoring tools for X86 chips, including vtune from Intel. Somewhat of a pain to setup and use, but various versions have been well integrated into various JVM versions. Zing from Azul is also well integrated with the HPM registers and the JVM (i.e., counts are brought out to the Java level). I don’t know what other state of the art tools there are.

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