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This is a short talk on the pitfalls in making valid micro-benchmarks with Java



3 thoughts on “Microbenchmarking

  1. Hey Cliff, great podcast! When people want to do microbenchmarks in Java, the usual recommendation is that they use JMH, which takes care of some of the aspects you mentioned (warmup, avoiding some dead code elimination). For those not familiar, here’s a pretty good guide: http://java-performance.info/jmh/

    Do you have any opinions, remarks on JMH. Or things that one needs to pay attention when using it?

  2. Hi. Thanks for this episode.
    What do you think about JMH? Does it solve most of the issues you described? I’m talking about warmup, “jit reset”, etc?

    • JMH was intended to solve all these problems, and I understand they did a good job but I’ve not looked at it personally.

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