No JavaOne This Year…

UPDATE Oct 4 – I had a blast talking with the Disruptor dude, Martin Thompson, so I’m back in SF on Oct 5.  I’ll be hanging out in the Starbucks at 262 O’Farrell from 11 on.  Stop by if you want to chat.  (Blog material that came from the barroom discussion on Oct 2: spinning on Thread.yield probably is in fact “fixed” with some kind of exponential back-off strategy; tight spin loops need an X86 “PAUSE” instruction; locked-add and locked-CAS on Intel’s new SandyBridge do NOT scale – I should use locked-xadd for a fast X86 fence op, talks about the state of CPU affinity on Linux…).  Stop by Starbucks if you want to partake of more of these conversations!

No JavaOne this year, at least for me. I am boycotting it because of the recent shabby treatment of both the conference AND Java.  Please let me know how you feel the conference is going, because right now I am strongly thinking of putting my weight behind some other conferences and not doing JavaOne ever again.  Got any suggestions?  Must be a Bay Area conference – how about a JavaTwo?  JavaPlusPlus, anybody?    (specifically excluding the totally fabulous JVM Language Summit which is small-by-design.  If Brian could figure out how to scale that sucker up, but keep the great interactions & talks going…..)

Despite no JavaOne, I am still in the Bay Area and would enjoying visiting with a lot of people I normally only see when they visit JavaOne… so I will be in the Hotel W bar starting around 4pm TODAY (Oct 2, 2011), until dinner.  Drop by & share a drink and a war story!  (too short a notice? I am thinking of doing another geek’s drink/dinner on Weds… where’s Ron when you need him?  In any case, email or blog-comment and if the head count exceeds some modest threshold I’ll throw one together).  Here’s a war-story to get started: contrary to rumors, Azul Systems is doing quite well… and our next-gen X86 JVM is happily running 100Gig+ heaps with max-pause times in the handful of milliseconds range.  Not that I would be guilty of gloating over some Big 6-Letter Company’s difficulties in delivering a large-heap low-pause GC or anything… OK, so I am.  Come buy me a drink and I’ll tell you another story, or better yet you can tell me yours!


PS: To David Dice: I think you’re being too modest with that little toy you sent me slides on… and in any case it makes for great blog material even IF it’s half-baked.  That’s the whole point of blogs! I think you should open up on it.  The Disruptor guys are not the first people to go there, nor will they be the last…   🙂

Me: I got my own take on where the Disruptor guys should go next for NUMA-tolerant performance hacking.

3 thoughts on “No JavaOne This Year…

  1. QCon will be in San Fransisco next month. It isn’t specific to Java but we do pull in plenty of big names and the occasional Oracle VP to beat up.

  2. I have a story that I would like to hear about… Azul “open-sourced” some of its technology at, but that was a long time ago, and despite interest from a small initial community, the project seems halted.
    Do you know if and how the story continues ?
    Many thanks!

    • MRI was our attempt to get the linux community to put in to the kernel the necessary hooks to do a great GC, and indeed that came to pass. In our minds, MRI remains a great idea and we might hope to move forward with it when business conditions permit.

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