Conference Season!

Ugh; I’ve got too many conferences I’ve been invited to – including several new ones this year.  Here’s the quick rundown (so far! I’ve got a few more pending, including OOPSLA and SPLASH).

Transact 2010
April 13th –
On the PC only, so my responsibilities are over for this one!
No time for the trip to Paris.   🙁

Transactional Memory Workshop 2010
April 30th –
Slides – Coming as soon as I can arrange

June 5-6 –
Basically a really awesome GC conference.  On the PC only, but planning on attending.  Co-located with PLDI.

June 6-10 –
Premier conference on “Programming Languages, Design and Implementation”, i.e. how to make languages like Java work.  On the PC again, so there are some really good papers in there.   🙂

Uber Conf
June 14-17 –
An industry conference instead of an academic one.  I’m giving a slew of talks.

JavaOne 2010
September 19-23 –
Ok, I’ve submitted talks but it’s too soon to see if I’m a speaker.  I am curious to see how Oracle handles JavaOne.  Could be good, could be great, could be … not so good.  One thing I don’t miss about the old JavaOne is paying $2000 for a plain ham sandwich box lunch in the cafe.  Oracle could simply upgrade the food option (and keep all else the same).

JAOO 2010
October 3-8 –

An All-Expense-Paid trip to Denmark!  Which exact talk I give is in-flux, but likely I’ll be able to finally talk about Azul Systems’ newest product!


(You where perhaps looking for something technical in a Cliff Click blog?  Next time, I promise!  Right now I’m swamped working on next-gen product… random star wars quote: “stay on target….”)




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