I’ve Been Slashdot’d

I’ve been Slashdot’d.  The slides in question are also here.


I gave the talk at the JVM Language Summit, which itself was a lot of fun.


The talk is a repeat of one of the talks I did at JavaOne.  I also gave two other talks, but the Sun JavaOne website appears to be unable to deliver the video right now.  I also gave a short interview at JavaOne


One of the talks I mentioned on the InfoQ video is also available 

here as a Google Tech Talk; Java on 1000 cores: Tales of Hardware/Software Co-Design.  I also mentioned a talk Azul’s Experiences with Hardware Transactional Memory, and my blog on that is here.  Alas, I don’t believe the HTM talk has been video’d for public consumption at any time.  If you are interested in HTM support, you should also check out this short gem.  The GC talk alluded too has slides all over the web; here’s the original paper, but I could not find a public video presentation.







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